osCommerce Customization & Integration
Growmind IT Solutions builds ecommerce store using osCommerce open source. OsCommerce is a full-functioned open source shopping cart that can be customized to fit your business needs. that is available for free under the GNU General Public License. Users can maintains online shopping cart, that allows you to setup, run and maintain your online store with minimum effort and with no costs, license fees, or limitations involved.

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osCommerce is Open Source e-commerce solution online shopping system. With its wide and unique range features one can setup online stores very easily. Oscommerce shopping cart designers provides you a powerful shopping cart that helps you in growing your online business. There are several free add-on module available that will enable your user to experience next level of shopping experience such as shop and pay without signing up for an account first as a guest user and many more.

OsCommerce utilizes a PHP/MySQL/Apache environment and get benefit of an outsized community, various contributions, and a lengthy record of reliability and security.

OS Commerce is a complete solution for an online store. It is an open source e-commerce solution that offers a huge range of customizable features necessary for developing an e-commerce site. OS commerce is the best available free tool that provides open and free solutions for development of online shopping carts. OS Commerce also known as open source e-commerce is a complete online store solution that contains a large range of features for both front-end and administration of the website.

What we can do for you?

1. osCommerce Customization & Integration.
2. osCommerce Design Integration.
3. Development & Integration of Client Specific Custom Modules.

General Functionality
* Compatible with all PHP 4 versions
* All features enabled by default for a complete out-of-the-box solution
* Object oriented backend (MS3)

Setup / Installation
* Automatic web-browser based installation and upgrade procedure

Design / Layout
* Design Template struture implementation
* Support for dynamic images

Administration Functionality
* Supports unlimited products and categories
* Administration area secured with a username and password defined during installation (MS3)
* Easily backup and restore the database
* Statistics for products and customers
* Select what to display, and in what order, in the product listing page

Product Functionality
* Dynamic product attributes relationship
* Control if out of stock products can still be shown and are available for purchase
* Customers can subscribe to products to receive related emails/newsletters

Payment Functionality
* Accept numerous offline payment processing (cheque, money orders, offline credit care processing, ..)
* Accept numerous online payment processing (2CheckOut, PayPal, Authorize.net, iPayment, ..)
* Disable certain payment services based on a zone basis

Shipping Functionality
* Weight, price, and destination based shipping modules
* Free shipping based on amount and destination
* Disable certain shipping services based on a zone basis

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