Buying House & Agencies

  GrowMIND IT Solutions is a leading organization in the area of software development. We have developed Buying House Management System. This system based on windows base application, database and other documents file host on VPS Server and runs on any windows (Win XP, Win7, Win8, Win10) platform. This system access by multiple users.

This system manage all types activities related to buying agency. Keep track of buyer orders & processing, shipment details, documentation, invoicing, bom, factory production, quality control and time and action (with TNA we can manage all production activities of factory level, Follow up with email alert)


  01. Buyer Order Processing & Tracking  
  02. Vendor Order Processing & Tracking  
  03. Style Wise Product Costing  
  04. Merchandise  
  05. Design & Sample Tracking  
  06. Bill of Materials (BOM)  
  07. Time and Action (TNA)  
  08. QC (Quality Control) - Inspections  
  09. Factory Production  
  10. Courier / Challan  
  11. Packing List  
  12. Pre-Post Shipment Documents  
  13. Bank Documents  
  14. Document Management  
  15. Commission Invoice, Consinee Invoice, Sampling Invoice & Non-Commercial Invoice  
  16. Short Ship, Over Ship, Partial Ship Details  
  17. Buyer Order & Shipment Ttracking  


  01. School Management System  
  02. Buying House Management (Apparel)  
  03. Garment Export House Management  
  04. Inventory, Invoicing and Accounting System  
  05. Manpower Management System  
  06. Cheque Printing  
  07. Mobile Show Room Software